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 New and improved Dual speed controller box

New and improved Dual speed controller box


Power box has many uses around camp or in a mine shaft this was designed for Gold Fox products where 12 volt dc is need with control.

Features Dual independent speed controller,

uses 18 volt Milwaukee tool battery (not included )

waterproof box ,

power cables and sockets.

500 watt speed controllers,

Milwaukee style battery receivers with step down voltage to 12.3 volts , this prolongs battery life to run time of 6 hrs.

Built in battery BMS

Also added a accessory panel with on/off ,

USB charge ports,

12 volt socket charger ( cigarette style port)

A battery voltage meter

Product box dimensions is

14.5” long

10” wide

5.5” high

Weight is 5.5 lbs

****recommend 18-20volt 7 ah Milwaukee battery/

charger not included these can b found on Amazon ****

Store Policies

All returns will be subject to 20% restocking fee. All returns will need authorization from Gold Fox USA.

Current builds times vary, 3-5 days is standard once the order is placed.

1-2 weeks on large builds

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